usuarios Ticket Transporte

Do you use public transport?
Save money with Ticket Transporte

With Ticket Transporte, you can save money every month on your travel pass. Don’t miss the boat!

Sustainable, punctual and now more economical

  • Save money easily every month

    Paying for your travel passes with Ticket Transporte comes with a tax bonus: you’ll save the Personal Income Tax rate applied to your salary on the amount you pay (e.g. 20%).

  • Sustainable transport

    Enjoying this perk encourages the use of public transport: the most convenient and sustainable way to get around the city.

  • Use it wherever you want Ticket Transporte is accepted at all public transport points of sale that accept Mastercard.
  • Very easy to manage Check the movements and balance on your card with our MyEdenred app.

How it works, en un minuto

ahorra con retribución flexible

Flexible remuneration,
the secret to saving money

Making your salary go further is very easy: if you pay your daily expenses through flexible remuneration, those expenses are exempt from Personal Income Tax (IRPF). Food, nursery, public transport... It’s that simple!

Más ventajas para ti

Can I allocate as much as I want to flexible remuneration or is there a limit?

You can allocate up to 30% of your gross annual salary to flexible remuneration. You can run a simulation here if you want.

How do I recover the PIN for my card if I forget it?
You can recover it easily from the website or the app via My Account >> Getting a PIN Memorise it and keep it in a safe place.
Can the saving from Ticket Transporte be combined with other discounts, such as those given to large families or young people?
Yes, puedes adquirir todos los tipos de abono de transporte mensual con Ticket Transporte.