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The work environment can add more value
At Edenred we create networks to offer solutions for companies, employees and establishments. These solutions afford added disposable income for employees, they optimise expenses for companies and bring in additional turnover for associated business owners, offering them all a significant financial and management benefit.
Why Edenred?

    Pioneers in digital transformation: since the launch of the Ticket Restaurant card in 2008, we continue to make your everyday life easier with online contracting, online membership for establishments, a complete web and app management platform, and the convenience of mobile payments with Ticket Restaurant via Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay; we were the first sector company to implement this in Spain.

  • SOLVENCY We are a world leader in transaction solutions for companies, employees and establishments, with over 40 years’ experience in Spain and vast international experience, operating in 46 countries. The Group connects a unique network of 47 million employees, 830,000 companies and 1.7 million establishments.
  • SECURITY Electronic money is issued from PrePay Solutions, a company owned by Edenred and MasterCard, according to strict European legislation on e-money and controlling the fund issue and use circuit at all times. Prepaid money deposited is always available to the users of the cards issued.
  • PERSONALISATION We adapt to your company’s needs; in each case we propose the best solutions to optimise social benefit, expense and incentive management. You can answer your questions with our multichannel customer service and an online help centre, and easily manage your orders from our website.

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Edenred operates in 46 countries with a committment to improving people's lives, conserving the planet and creating value in a responsible manner.


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