Please everyone with your company gifts

Transform your incentives and gifts with the Regalo Edenred card: customisable, versatile, perfect for everyone!

Why not start raising the value of your gifts?


Our gift card can be used anywhere on the Mastercard network. And if you prefer to customise their use, we make it easy for you.


Whatever suits you: named or anonymous, disposable or rechargeable, with a personalised design, customisable use network...


Manage your cards from your online account and check the balance and movements from our app for Android and iOS.


Do you want to personalise your gift? Choose cards with your company logo or your own design.


Forget about Christmas hampers: breathe new life into your company gifts and refresh the promotional gifts you offer on marketing campaigns.


A perfect tool for boosting your incentive plans, employee recognition plans and customer loyalty programmes.

Rewards, company gifts... choose your solution

Rechargeable Regalo Edenred for incentives, a personalised incentive for long-term programmes

Disposable Regalo Edenred, perfect for one-off campaigns or employee recognition

Regalo Edenred on a virtual card, your fully digital, convenient and customisable gift card


What separates Regalo Edenred from other gift cards?

Its main advantage is that the recipient can spend the balance at any business that accepts Mastercard (or across a wide network of specific businesses if that restriction has been set up). It’s therefore perfect for meeting the needs of very different users.

When will my cards be delivered?

Recibirás tu pedido en un máximo de 5 días laborables.

Para las tarjetas personalizadas, este plazo varía y dependerá de cada caso concreto.

Do I need to do anything else once the cards have been received?

Por seguridad las tarjetas se envían siempre desactivadas, por lo que solo hay que activarlas para poderlas usar.

Las tarjetas de uso ocasional se activan directamente online desde la cuenta de empresa o a través de nuestro equipo de atención al cliente.

En el caso de la tarjeta recargable, la debe activar el propio beneficiario desde la app MyEdenred o desde su cuenta de usuario online (Acceso a Mi Cuenta >> Activar Tarjeta).

I want to customise the card design. How do I do that?

You can customise Regalo cards with whatever image you like. Get in touch with us and we’ll tell you about all your options.

Can I allocate a different amount to each card?

Yes, you can top up each card with whatever amount you like.

We call you and tell you everything

Leave us your details and we’ll tell you everything you want to know, no obligation.


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