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Custom solutions
with Ticket Regalo

Always make the right choice with your company gifts with a flexible, customisable and convenient solution.

A thousand and one reasons to motivate

Countless advantages
  • You will get it right every time because the card recipient chooses where to spend the money. It's sure to be a hit!

  • You can meet all your needs. Choose among the various card formats available: open or closed network, personal or anonymous, single-use or top-up.

  • Management website and app for Android and iOS to check your balance and activity.

  • Simplify the storage and distribution of gifts.

  • You select the amount you want for each card.

  • You can personalise the cards with the logo of your company or a unique design.

  • Gifts for employees at special times of the year.

  • Instead of the holiday hamper.

  • Incentive plans for meeting targets.

  • Promotional gift during marketing campaigns.

  • Customer loyalty programmes.

  • Free gifts at events.

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