gestión de dietas de empleados con Ticket Dietas

Is your management of allowances becoming a bit of a black hole?
Save money with Ticket Dietas

Discover the most convenient and efficient solution to pay the allowances you give your employees.

Employee allowances, under control

  • Prevent budget overruns Ticket Dietas is only accepted at catering businesses. Control purchases made by employees every day and forget about unexplained costs.
  • Easily recover the VAT spent on meals

    Consigue un importante ahorro gracias al servicio de recuperación de IVA en más de 10.000 establecimientos de hostelería y restauración.

    » Consultar restaurantes con recuperación de IVA

  • Personalise each card You can configure your cards according to the profiles of your employees: set times when it can be used and limit the amounts that can be spent.
  • Prevent employees from needing advances Make management easy for employees so they don’t need an advance and with the convenience of consulting movements and managing their card easily from the web and app.
  • It improves the management of receipts and expense reports Simplify the accounting process, increasing the productivity of employees and the finance department. Add and withdraw money on your cards and transfer funds immediately.
  • Security and guarantees with Edenred and Mastercard Each user will also have IT and legal assistance at no extra cost thanks to the Mastercard Connection service.

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