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An unexpected saving
on your regular expenses

Now it’s easy to make your salary go further. Do you know about flexible remuneration?

Because you can make more while earning the same

Flexible remuneration lets you allocate part of your salary to everyday expenses like lunch, nursery school or public transport, which are exempt from Personal Income Tax (IRPF) when paid through this system. This means you can save money and make your salary go further. See how it works in this short video.

How can you save?

ahorra con retribución flexible

And now the most important part:
find out how much you could save

Al solicitar tus gastos por retribución flexible podrás pagar esos costes exentos de IRPF. ¡Find out how much you could save!

Más ventajas para ti

How much can be allocated to flexible remuneration?
You can allocate up to 30% of your gross annual salary to flexible remuneration.
Will my social security contribution base be affected?
No, your contribution base will not be affected at all.