motiva con Ticket Guardería

Help them with Ticket Guardería,
work-life balance that costs less

Help your employees with small children: with Ticket Guardería, motivating people is child’s play!

Look after what matters most to them

  • Boost motivation among employees with small children by increasing their disposable income.
  • Boost work-life balance

    by making it easy for their children to access nursery school.

  • Simple system

    Easy to implement and manage, with no impact on the payroll system.

  • Customer Service

    personalised and convenient management of online orders.

How it works Ticket Guardería en un minuto

Nursery schools already included

ahorra con retribución flexible

Flexible remuneration,
the secret to saving money

Letting your employees make their salary go further is easy: if you offer them the flexible remuneration option, their daily expenses will be Personal Income Tax (IRPF) exempt. Food, nursery, public transport... It’s that simple!

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