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Help Action Against Hunger in its fight against child malnutrition.

Why be part of the Share movement?
  • The Share Ticket Restaurant campaign is an easy and valuable way to implement a Corporate Social Responsibility action at your company.
  • Very simple to implement: Edenred and Action Against Hunger offer you all types of materials and tools for effective communication.
  • Direct charity: for every Ticket Restaurant euro shared, Action Against Hunger will provide one day of nutritional treatment for a malnourished child.
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How to become part of the Share movement

Ticket Restaurant in card format

Share directly with Action Against Hunger via the website.

Ticket Restaurant in voucher format

Contact us so we can explain how to send us the vouchers.

Custom campaign for your company

Physical and/or online materials, workshops to publicise the initiative...

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Did you know that...

...last year we achieved over 38,000 nutritional treatments among all participating companies? 100% of the amount shared with Ticket Restaurant is sent to the NGO and helps support its nutrition programmes for children in over 45 countries.