Acción contra el Hambre

Share Ticket Restaurant
with Action Against Hunger

Help hundreds of families affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Join the #ShareTicketRestaurant movement

Durante 2020 pudimos ayudar a más de 700 familias gracias a 2.400 contribuciones de clientes de Ticket Restaurant. El 100% del importe compartido en Ticket Restaurant va destinado a la ONG.

  • DIRECT CHARITY Every euro of Ticket Restaurant shared is used directly by Action Against Hunger on food help and employability and entrepreneurship programmes for families affected by the coronavirus crisis in our country.
  • VERY SIMPLE You just need to visit the website set up by Action Against Hunger and make your donation with your Ticket Restaurant card or personal card.
  • SHARE! Because the more people who know about #ShareTicketRestaurant, the more families will benefit.
Campaña de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

As a company,
how can we take part?

  • Easily and clearly launch a Corporate Social Responsibility campaign
  • Customised engagement: a #ShareTicketRestaurant charity day, material or specific statements...
Exactly what does Action Against Hunger spend the donations on?

En la actualidad, todos los fondos de la campaña Share Ticket Restaurant van destinados a ayudar a familias que han visto reducidos sus ingresos
por la derivada económica de la crisis Covid19. Estas ayudas se vehiculan a través del proyecto de las tarjetas de Ayuda Solidaria, que cubren productos de alimentación e higiene. Asimismo, Acción contra el Hambre cuenta con programas de empleabilidad y emprendimiento.

How do I get the tax deduction certificate?
It is not possible to issue the tax deduction certificate for donations made using Ticket Restaurant because the Ticket Restaurant solution already has a tax break applied to the employee’s wages.
Is there a minimum donation amount?

No! You can donate as much as you like as often as you want.

Can I give a donation using my personal card?

Of course! Via the website set up for this project, you can make any donation you want however you like.