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Share Ticket Restaurant

Help Action Against Hunger in its fight against child malnutrition.

Why be part of the Share movement?
  • The Share Ticket Restaurant campaign is an easy and valuable way to implement a Corporate Social Responsibility action at your company.
  • Very simple to implement: Edenred and Action Against Hunger offer you all types of materials and tools for effective communication.
  • Direct charity: for every Ticket Restaurant euro shared, Action Against Hunger will provide one day of nutritional treatment for a malnourished child.
How to become part of the Share movement

  • Ticket Restaurant in card format

    Share directly with Action Against Hunger via the website.
  • Ticket Restaurant in voucher format

    Contact us so we can explain how to send us the vouchers.
  • Custom campaign for your company

    Physical and/or online materials, workshops to publicise the initiative...
Did you know that...

...last year we achieved over 38,000 nutritional treatments among all participating companies? 100% of the amount shared with Ticket Restaurant is sent to the NGO and helps support its nutrition programmes for children in over 45 countries.