escuelas infantiles con Ticket Guardería

Give families something to smile about: it's easy with Ticket Guardería!

Joining our network is very easy and it lets parents save money. Let us tell you how!

Because helping has never been so easy

  • More valuable help The Ticket Guardería system offers a significant saving to parents every month. It's transparent for your nursery and a great help to families.
  • It boosts the image of your centre Your nursery school will stand out for accepting a system that is growing in popularity among companies and employees.
  • Fast and secure payment collection Increased reliability: you'll receive payments on time, easily and quickly every month.
  • Conveniently managed online 100% Forget about paperwork and cash payments: everything is just one click away with our online system.
ahorra con retribución flexible

Ticket Guardería: the secret to saving money

The saving is obtained through flexible remuneration: a system that lets you make your salary go further because your daily expenses are exempt from Personal Income Tax (IRPF).

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