Give gifts with Ticket Compliments

The perfect incentive reward
Give gifts with Ticket Compliments
Si estás pensando en ofrecer una recompensa para la motivación e incentivo de equipos, proveedores o clientes, Ticket Compliments® es el cheque regalo multimarca que puede ayudarte a conseguir tus objetivos.

It's a win-win

Countless advantages
  • Flexibility: you choose how to divide the value of the vouchers received by the recipient.

  • Customisation: include the logo of your company and a personalised message on the vouchers.

  • Easy management: place your order on the website, over the telephone or by email, and we will deliver it to you within 72 hours.

  • A tailored gift: the recipient can exchange Ticket Compliments at any of over 6,000 businesses throughout Spain.

  • Gifts for employees at special times of the year.

  • Instead of the holiday hamper.

  • Incentive plans for meeting targets.

  • Promotional gift during marketing campaigns.

  • Customer loyalty programmes.

  • Free gifts at events.

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