Everything you need to know about Ticket Restaurant Zero

New users
What is the difference between the Ticket Restaurant and Ticket Restaurant Zero card?
It’s the same product, only the format for using it changes. In the case of the Ticket Restaurant card, we issue a physical card. Ticket Restaurant Zero is a virtual card issued in real time, reducing plastic production and simplifying the activation and top-up processes.
What do I need to use Ticket Restaurant Zero?
Your device must be compatible with mobile payments using NFC technology. To check this, download the latest version of the MyEdenred España app and log in.
What are the advantages of the Ticket Restaurant Zero card?
Ticket Restaurant Zero is a virtual card issued in real time (no waiting), it prevents plastic production and simplifies the activation and top-up process. You can also select your own PIN and add the card on up to four different devices.
If I’m already a Ticket Restaurant card user, can I switch to Ticket Restaurant Zero?
No, the decision on what type of card to issue is taken by your company.
Can I have my physical Ticket Restaurant card and Ticket Restaurant Zero?
No, you can only have one of the two types of card: either the physical card or the virtual card directly on your mobile so you always have it with you.
Can I ask for a physical card if my company has chosen the virtual option?
No, the physical card is only issued when the user’s mobile device is not compatible with mobile payments.
How do I know if my mobile is compatible?
Tu móvil será compatible si dispone de tecnología NFC. Puedes comprobarlo en la sección de configuración de tu móvil. Todos los modelos de Apple desde el iPhone 6 son compatibles, así como la mayoría de dispositivos Android, excepto los modelos de Huawei sin acceso a los servicios de Google.
What happens if my mobile isn’t compatible?
If it’s not compatible, you’ll receive a physical Ticket Restaurant card.
What does NFC mean?
This technology allows mobile payments between two devices at a distance of less than 10 cm. It stands for Near Field Communication.
Card registration and activation
What happens if I don’t receive the e-mail to start the registration process?
We’ll send you a physical card. We recommend you contact your company to check that we have your correct details.
Why do I have to download the MyEdenred app and create a user account?
You have to do this to activate your card and add it to the wallet on your device so you can start using it. This way we make sure only you have access to your card.
How do I activate my Ticket Restaurant card from the MyEdenred app?
When you log in to the MyEdenred app, we’ll show you the card to be activated and the steps to follow. Remember, you must also add it to the wallet before you start using it.
What is the verification code?
It’s a security code to activate your card and choose or remember your PIN. You’ll receive it at the e-mail address used to register on the app.
What e-mail address will the security code be sent to in order to activate the card?
The e-mail address you used to create the MyEdenred app account.
How can I change the card PIN?
In the card menu of your MyEdenred España app, you’ll find the manage PIN option: just follow the instructions on the screen. Remember, you can only choose the PIN if your card is virtual.
Why have I received a physical card?
If we’ve sent you a physical card, you may have not completed the registration process, logged into the app or your device may not be compatible.
How can I request a new virtual card?
Si has perdido el móvil o te lo han robado, puedes solicitar una tarjeta desde otro dispositivo móvil. Para ello accede a MyEdenred, identifícate y selecciona la opción de anular tarjeta en el menú de tu tarjeta. Te preguntaremos si quieres otra tarjeta y en unos minutos la tendrás en tu dispositivo. Si no puedes acceder a otro dispositivo, contacta con tu empresa para que anulen tu tarjeta y te soliciten una nueva.
What happens with my old card when I activate the new virtual card?
It gets cancelled. When you activate the new card, the old one is no longer operative. But don’t worry: your accumulated balance is transferred from one account to the other almost immediately.
If a physical card is issued because I can’t use the virtual card, how long will it take to arrive and how and where will it be delivered?
When we notify you that we’ve issued a physical card, you’ll get it within five days after receiving the e-mail. You should check the delivery address and method with your company.
Adding to the wallet
What should I do to add my card to the wallet?
To pay with your mobile, you must always add the card to your device wallet (whether Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay).
How do I add my virtual card to the wallet?
Once your card has been activated you must add it to the wallet by clicking on the Add to Apple Pay / Google Pay button. If you’re using Samsung Pay, you have to do it manually from the wallet. Before you add the new card to the wallet, always remember to delete the old Ticket Restaurant card first (if you had one).
Why can’t I pay from the MyEdenred app?
To physically pay at an establishment you must download one of the three main wallets on the market (Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay). In the case of home-delivery platforms, you just need your card details. These can be found on your MyEdenred app.
What do I do if I can’t add my card to the wallet?
Los dos escenarios principales donde no se puede añadir la tarjeta a un wallet son: - Que el dispositivo no sea compatible con NFC. - Que el móvil esté enrutado (en ese caso, por seguridad Google Pay y Apple Pay no permiten agregarlo a la app).
Can I add my Ticket Restaurant Zero card to more than one wallet?
Yes. You can add your card to up to four different devices and take advantage of mobile payments from your Google Pay account as well as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
If I have a Samsung device, can I add it to Google Pay and Samsung Pay?
Yes, you can add it to up to four different devices.
Establishments and platforms
At which restaurants can I use my virtual card?
Check out the network of restaurants from the MyEdenred app. You can use it at restaurants that accept Mastercard payments and have NFC payment terminals.
Can the restaurant refuse to accept mobile payments?
Don’t worry, all card payment terminals accept mobile payments. You’ll always be able to pay, unless the terminal is faulty.
How do I pay at online establishments and on delivery platforms?
You just need your card details to enter them on to your favourite platform. You can consult this information in your card section on the MyEdenred app. On Android, you can consult your card details using the “eye” icon above the card image. On Apple, use the “Show card” option.
What do I do if Ticket Restaurant Zero payment doesn’t work at an establishment?
Check whether you have enough balance and whether you’re using your card at the establishments and according to the rules of use permitted by your company. You can check this information on our MyEdenred app.
How can I pay at a restaurant with my virtual card?
You must download any of the following apps to add your card and use it for payments: Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay (depending on your device).
What should I do if I lose my mobile?
Si has perdido el móvil o te lo han robado, puedes anular tu tarjeta antigua y solicitar una tarjeta nueva desde otro dispositivo móvil. Solo tienes que entrar en tu cuenta desde la app MyEdenred e ir al menú de tu tarjeta, donde encontrarás la opción de anular tarjeta. Te preguntaremos si quieres otra tarjeta y en unos minutos la tendrás en tu dispositivo. Si no puedes acceder a otro dispositivo, contacta con tu empresa para que anulen tu tarjeta y te soliciten una nueva.
Is it secure to use Ticket Restaurant Zero?
Totally secure. If your mobile is lost or stolen, you can log into your account from any other device, cancel your card and issue a new one. Plus, with a virtual card, you make sure that only you can use it as only you have access to your mobile and passwords.
What happens if I lose my log-in details: username and password?
You can always recover your password from the MyEdenred app by clicking Recover password. You’ll receive an e-mail with a new password that you can change when you log in to the app.
I’ve got more questions
When can I start using my virtual card?
You’ll receive your virtual card immediately, provided your device is compatible. Activate your card on the MyEdenred app, add it to your device wallet and you can start paying with your mobile.
Does the Ticket Restaurant Zero card expire?
Yes, you can consult the exact terms and conditions using the “Other options” button in the card section of the MyEdenred app.
Why doesn't my card change automatically to Ticket Restaurant Zero on platforms where I had added the physical Ticket Restaurant card?
For security reasons. As it is a new card with a different number, you must add your new card as a payment method on the platforms you want to use.
What can I do with the MyEdenred app?
Our app lets you check your balance and movements, find somewhere to eat on our network and do other things with your virtual card. And something you’ll like: you can order your favourite food directly, without having to use other platforms! Home delivery or takeaway, with great promotions and flash offers. Have you tried it yet?
Where can I check the details of my Ticket Restaurant Zero card?
On the MyEdenred app, in the section with the image of your card. On Android, you can consult the details using the “eye” icon above the card image. On Apple, use the “Show card” option.
Do the virtual Ticket Restaurant Zero card and the physical Ticket Restaurant card have different numbers?
Yes. The cards have different numbers.
What happens with my virtual card if I leave the company?
It depends on your company: either the card will remain active so you can spend the remaining balance, or they can apply that amount to your severance payment.