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What advantages does Ticket Regalo offer over other cards?

The main advantage is that the recipient can spend the balance at any business that accepts MasterCard (Ticket Regalo Original or Ticket Regalo Premium) or at a broad selection of businesses (Ticket Regalo Selección). This means that Ticket Regalo suits all needs and budgets.

What difference is there between the various types of Ticket Regalo?

Ticket Regalo Original is an anonymous and disposable card.

Ticket Regalo Premium is a card intended for long-term use because it can be topped up by the company as often as it likes. The card is linked to an individual and ideal for long-term incentive programmes.

Ticket Regalo Selección is also a disposable and anonymous card but can be used across the network of businesses selected by Edenred. You can find out where exactly using the search tool.

How do I place orders?

You can manage all your orders via the My Account section.

When will my cards be delivered?

You will receive your order within five working days after payment is received.

This deadline will vary when cards are being customised and will depend on each specific situation.

When will my cards be topped up?

Transfer: once the transfer has been processed (48 working hours), the balance will become available for use 24 hours later.

Direct Debit: after placing the order, the requested balance will become available on the cards 48 working hours later.

Do I need to do anything else once the recipients have received their cards?

For Ticket Regalo Original and Ticket Regalo Selección, you can request activation of the cards via the My Account section or by contacting our customer service team.

For Ticket Regalo Premium, each user will need to activate their card by calling the telephone number delivered with the card itself.

Can I customise the card design?

Yes, Ticket Regalo cards can be customised with whatever image you like. Contact the sales team to find out more.

Can card allocation be managed individually?

Yes, you can top up each card you order with whatever amount you like.

What should I do to start using my card?

If your card is a Ticket Regalo original (anonymous and disposable) or Ticket Regalo Selección, it should have already been activated by the company that gave it to you. They are usually activated before being delivered. However, if you have any questions, you can consult the activation status with the company that gave it to you or by calling 902 876 206.

To start using your Ticket Regalo Premium card, you will need to activate it yourself and receive a PIN. To do this, download the Edenred app or go to https://clientes.edenred.es and create an account, if you didn’t already have one. Go to My Account > Activate Card. Follow the instructions, enter the activation code included in the envelope delivered with your card and memorise your PIN.

How does the card work?

Your card works like any normal bank card. It is credited with a balance, from which the amounts you use are then deducted.

For Ticket Regalo cards (Original and Selección), the card becomes invalid once the balance is consumed and cannot be topped up. If you buy something worth more than the remaining balance, it is possible to pay the difference using any other payment method accepted by the business in question.

If you have a Ticket Regalo Premium card, remember that it can be topped up. If you have received it as part of an incentive programme, the organising company will tell you when and how it will top up your card.

Where can I use the card?

Your Ticket Regalo card is valid at any business that accepts MasterCard in Spain (and Portugal if you have a Ticket Regalo Premium card). You can also use it online provided the online store is located in Spain (and Portugal if you have aTicket Regalo Premium card).

For Ticket Regalo Premium cards, remember that you will need your PIN for all purchases.

For Ticket Regalo Selección cards, use the search tool to check which businesses will accept payment using your card.

How can I check the balance on my Ticket Regalo card?

To check the balance and activity on your Ticket Regalo card, you need to create an account on the Edenred app or https://clientes.edenred.es and link your card with the Add Card or Product option. Once you have your account, you can consult your balance and activity.

How do I recover the PIN for my Ticket Regalo Premium card if I forget it?

If you forget your PIN, you can recover it from the website or app. Go to My Account >> How to get your PIN. Memorise it and keep it in a safe place.

Can I change the PIN for my card?

The PIN can be recovered but never changed.

What else can I do via the user section?

Besides seeing your balance, the following can also be done via the user section:

- If you have a disposable Ticket Regalo, you can see your balance and the activity on your card.

If you have a Ticket Regalo Premium, you can see your balance, top-ups, payments made with the card, get a new PIN, block the card in case of theft or loss, and activate top-up alerts.

- If you have a Ticket Regalo Selección, you can see your balance, top-ups, payments made with the card and check the network of partner businesses.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

If you have a Ticket Regalo Premium, you can cancel it yourself via your online account (Balance and Management --> Product Management) or via the app (My Account --> Cancel Card). You can tell us by telephone on 902 876 206 (this option is available Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 18:00 and Fridays from 08:00 to 15:00).

If you have a disposable Ticket Regalo or Ticket Regalo Selección, this can be done by calling 902 876 206.

For Ticket Regalo Premium cards, tell the company that gave it to you so a replacement can be ordered. Given that disposable Ticket Regalo cards can be used by anyone, losing the card is like losing cash.

What if it doesn’t work?

If your Ticket Regalo card is not accepted, it is probably because of the following: 

- The balance is less than the cost of the purchase.

- The card has expired.

- The PoS is not working properly or experiencing communication problems.

- There is a problem with the card itself, in which case you will need to order a replacement.  

My disposable Ticket Regalo card or Ticket Regalo Selección was not accepted because the holder’s name is not shown on the card

In the case of the prepaid disposable Ticket Regalo card, they are anonymous cards and should be accepted by all businesses in Spain that accept MasterCard, except cash points and gambling businesses. You can also use it on the Internet provided that the corporate address of the e-commerce website is located in Spain.

Ticket Regalo Selección should be accepted by the partner businesses listed in the website search tool.

How do I recognise a Ticket Regalo Selección?

The cards always have the Ticket Regalo Selección and MasterCard logos on the front. The Ticket Regalo logo will be shown on the back of all customised cards.

Why are there no names on Ticket Regalo Original and Ticket Regalo Selección cards?

These cards can be used by the bearer, meaning they are not linked to a bank account. The transactions are guaranteed because the card has a balance, the payment will be made instantly and there is no chance of fraud or manipulation.

What happens in the event of a refund?

Based on the rules set by the business, a return is processed in the same way as it would be with a bank card.

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