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What is MyEdenred?
MyEdenred is Edenred’s mobile app for managing your cards and ordering meals via the App to save time.
How does it work?

Ordering with MyEdenred is simple and fast:

1. Search for restaurants with your chosen filters. From the homepage you can click on the “Eat-In” and “Take-Away” links, or on the fork icon on the navigation bar to start.

2. Choose your favourite restaurant to see the daily set lunch menu (if the restaurant has published it) and type of food.

3. Choose the set lunch or the dishes you want, and add them to your basket.

4. Open your basket, and check your selection and the price. (Remember to choose the delivery time). If you’re eating with others, add the number of diners to send a group order you’ll all receive via WhatsApp. You can add comments if necessary.

5. Validate and pay for your order. Remember, you can pay with the TRC or any other type of card.

What type of restaurants can I find on MyEdenred?
MyEdenred offers a wide range of restaurants with Take-Away and/or Eat-In options, a variety of cuisines, and you can choose the set lunch in the restaurants which offer it. You can search for restaurants by type of order, type of cuisine, name or location.
What is “eat-in” and “take-away”?

MyEdenred offers 2 possibilities for ordering your food:

- EAT IN: order at your favourite restaurant in advance and then go there to eat with the order already in place. In this case, the restaurant reserves your table and the order will be ready when you arrive. You can group up to 4 orders on one table.

- TAKE AWAY: The ordering and payment process is the same. The only difference is that, in this case, you don’t eat at the restaurant and your food will be ready for you to take away.

How can I find the restaurant I’m looking for?

To find a restaurant, you can start from the homepage by clicking on the “Eat-In” and “Take-Away” links, or the fork icon in the navigation bar. It takes just 3 simple steps:

1. Choose Eat-In or Take-Away.

2. Confirm your location or reference point for the search.

3. Optional: refine your search with a name or by type of search.

How do I pay?

Payment is made when the restaurant confirms your order. You can pay with your Ticket Restaurant card or any other card via the secure Edenred platform. When the order is validated, an order confirmation email and mobile notification are sent. At that time, the order is pending confirmation by the restaurant.

If the restaurant confirms the order, you will receive a validated order confirmation email and mobile notification and you only have to show up at the agreed time.

If the restaurant rejects your order, you will receive an order cancellation email and mobile notification and the amount charged from the card is immediately refunded.

What do I do if I want to change my order?
If the restaurant hasn’t validated the order yet, you must contact the restaurant directly. You can find its number on the restaurant page. If the restaurant has already validated the order, we cannot guarantee it can change the order. Contact the restaurant directly.
What do I do if I want to cancel my order?
If the restaurant hasn’t validated the order yet, and therefore you haven’t been charged, you must contact the restaurant directly. You can find its number on the restaurant page. (The order can only be cancelled by the restaurant). If the restaurant has validated and charged the order, you must contact us by calling 91 910 0759.
Can the restaurant cancel my order?
Restaurants can cancel any order. In this case, the price is refunded. Our goal is to offer the best service and avoid unnecessary waiting. So, if the dish requested cannot be served, if there are delays or if there are no tables available, the restaurant can reject an order.
What do I do if I’ve been charged more than once?
Check that you only sent one order. Otherwise, contact us here.
What should I do if I have allergies or intolerances?
If you have allergies or intolerances, add them in the comments in the order or by each of the dishes you select. Your comments will be printed on the restaurant order receipt.
When can I place an order?
Each restaurant’s page indicates its opening hours for both Eat-In and Take-Away services. To ensure the best service quality, a restaurant may be open but not offer the MyEdenred service at all times.
What payment methods are accepted on MyEdenred?
With MyEdenred you can pay for your order with your TRC or any other type of card. For security purposes, you must first log in with your username and password. You must have your card at hand. Once you have added your card, you won’t need to log in again unless you don’t use your card in 30 days.

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