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In Spain, two out of three workers eat at a catering business from Monday to Friday. This is leading to growing concerns over the current dietary options available in the catering industry. Numerous studies have shown that looking after your diet every day is essential - in combination with other healthy lifestyle habits - to avoid such diseases as obesity, type-2 diabetes or cardiovascular disorders.

The Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Edenred recommend the following when preparing your set meal of the day in order to offer a balanced and healthy diet to your customers:


  • At least one-third of starters should be based on vegetables.
  • Twice a week, the menu should include pulses cooked with food of plant origin (vegetables, rice, etc.).

Main Courses

  • There should always be one fish option and another white meat option (chicken, turkey, rabbit, etc.) or an egg option.
  • Replace or offer the option to choose vegetables or salads for the garnish.

Culinary Preparation

  • Use virgin olive oil for the dressings.
  • Avoid adding large amounts of fat (cream, lard, margarine, butter or large amounts of oil).
  • Use more healthy techniques, such as steaming, roasting, grilling, sautéing, griddling, etc.
  • Avoid processed meat products (sausage, bacon, etc.).


  • At least one of every three dessert options should be fresh fruit (whole or prepared).

Additional General Considerations

  • Offer a jug of water on your tables.
  • Only take the salt shaker to the table when customers ask for it.
  • Offer other options beside the traditional set menu: menu of two starters + dessert, half menu + dessert or full menu based on half portions.
Pulses are a good alternative to meat: they provide fibre, slow-release carbohydrates, iron and calcium. They are also a good source of proteins when combined with cereals over the course of the day, with the advantage that they contain hardly any saturated fats. This is not the case with meats and their derivatives. Pulses are tasty when made into salads, creams, purées or stews. There are many winter stews and refreshing summer salads to experiment with.

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