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What impact does the flexible remuneration plan have on the payroll system?

Given that flexible remuneration products are discounted from salaries directly, you need to create the flexible remuneration descriptions in the payroll system so that these amounts are not included in the calculations for Personal Income Tax (IRPF) but are considered for Social Security purposes.

What is the salary novation letter?

The salary novation letter is an annex to the employment contract between company and employee that both parties need to sign and is required for joining a flexible remuneration plan. 

Can each employee choose the products they want?

No, the company decides which products each employee has access to. From this preliminary selection, each employee chooses which suits them best.

Will I earn more with flexible remuneration?

Yes, your disposable income will increase as certain amounts are not subject to Personal Income Tax.

Will my Social Security contribution base be affected?

No, this will not change.

Why do I need to sign a salary novation contract?

This is a document for formally agreeing the new salary structure with your company and benefiting from tax breaks on certain products.

How much can I allocate to flexible remuneration products?

This amount cannot exceed 30% of your gross annual salary. You can check how much you can save with this simulation.

Which products can I choose?

Your company will decide which products you can choose.

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