Flexible remuneration: the secret to paying better

Motivate your employees by offering them a significant tax saving, everybody wins.

Saving money is the best incentive

Flexible remuneration lets employees allocate a part of their salary to daily expenses, such as lunch, nursery school, or public transport, which are Personal Income Tax (IRPF) exempt when using this system. Employees can therefore make their salary go further.


The tax break means that employees take home more with the same expenses.


Providing this perk to your employees makes your company more attractive and visible.


Motivating employees boosts involvement and a creates sense of belonging.


Employees can change their chosen solutions and allocated amounts based on their own needs.

How it works, in one minute (Spanish)

What products can you save with

Ticket Restaurant

Ideal for those who eat out

Edenred Movilidad

For those who take public transport to work

Edenred Guardería

Save on child care school for your children 0 to 3 years old

Training and health insurance

Full compensation

Do you want to create a plan? We make it easy for you

The Edenred Flex platform lets you manage your flexible remuneration plan easily and transparently.


Can I choose the products I’m interested in?

When a flexible remuneration plan is created, the company decides which products it makes available to employees. Employees can then choose the ones they want from that selection.

How does a flexible salary fit into the payroll system?

Given that the agreed amounts are discounted from salaries directly, you need to create the flexible remuneration descriptions in the payroll system so that these amounts are not included in the calculations for Personal Income Tax (IRPF) but are considered for social security purposes.

Will my social security contribution base be affected?

No, your contribution base will not be affected at all.

How much can I allocate to flexible remuneration?

You can allocate up to 30% of your gross annual salary to flexible remuneration.


Would you like to know more about Edenred products?

A representative will call you to offer advice on how you can motivate your employees with a proposal adapted to your company.

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